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Everything in QualityLand is geared towards optimizing your life. QualityPartner identifies your ideal mate, earworm personal assistants get you where you need to go and android drones know you need a six pack of beer at the end of a long day even before you crave one. Humans, robots and algorithms co-exist, everything is seamlessly corporatised, stratified and monetized. Your very name reveals much of what we need to know about you and your profile discloses the rest. Peter Jobless is a down and out metal press operator, dumped by his long term girlfriend when she is alerted to a better option on her QualityPad. But Peter has another problem - he seems to be the only one noticing that his fellow Qualityland robot citizens are experiencing an existential crisis. There is a drone who's afraid to fly. A sex droid with erectile dysfunction. A combat robot with PTSD. Instructed to destroy these malfunctioning A.I., Peter starts to suspect the technology that rules us all has a flaw, perhaps a fatal one. Not only that, these robots might be his only friends...

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Marc-Uwe Kling

  • Pays : Allemagne
  • Langue : Allemand

Marc-Uwe Kling est né en 1982 et vit à Berlin. Il a étudié la philosophie et le théâtre à l'université libre de Berlin. Auteur-compositeur, comédien de stand-up, artiste de cabaret et slam poète dont il a été par deux fois champion d'Allemagne. Les Chroniques du kangourou est son premier roman et a reçu de nombreuses récompenses : le German Radio Award, le German Cabaret Award et le German Audiobook Prize.