• Roller girl

    Victoria Jamieson

    Astrid, 12 ans, est inséparable de sa meilleure amie, Charlotte. Jusqu'au jour où elle découvre le Roller Derby. Astrid devra alors apprendre à surmonter ses craintes et s'entraîner dur pour devenir une véritable Roller Girl !


    Victoria Jamieson

    The New York Times bestselling author of Roller Girl has written an Olympics-themed picture book that brings home the bacon--just in time for the 2016 Games! Boomer the Pig has been training hard for the Animal Olympics, so when he loses his first race, he shrugs it off and cheerfully moves on. One event after another, Boomer keeps losing, and the frustration begins to get to him. But even after coming in last in every sport, there's no getting this Olympig down. It's just great practice for the Winter Games! This encouraging and hilarious story is for every kid who's ever been told "you can't win 'em all." "A humorous romp."-- Publishers Weekly