• Anglais Check-In (ENG)

    Jochanan Eynikel

    • Lannoo
    • 1 Juin 2021

    Can a company be a source of meaning?
    How can we transform meaningless jobs into personally fulfilling jobs?
    Is it worthwhile for a company to invest in personal purpose?

    One out of every three employees regards his or her job as being completely pointless. Yet all of us - employers, employees and consumers - yearn for purpose in our lives. Our economy is searching for meaning. The key question is how companies can play a role in this.

    Check-In shows how a meaningful economy is not achieved through fine words and expensive mission statements, but through personal experience. Meaningful work requires a personal check-in on the what, who and why of organisations.

    Based on research into what makes life and work meaningful, Jochanan Eynikel offers us a number of building blocks and methodical steps that can help companies to enhance their spiritual capital. The check-ins by entrepreneurs and CEOs give concrete shape and form to his method.