Tat Wood

  • Ce petit livre est une très bonne introduction à 200 concepts de base de l'histoire du monde.Tous les sujets clés sont abordés. Vous pourrez ainsi combler vos lacunes, parfaire vos connaissances et devenir un « pro en histoire » en une seule minute par jour.

  • What happened to the Roman Empire? Why was the Magna Carta so important? What led to the First World War?Why did the USSR collapse? World History in Minutes provides succinct answers to these questions - and many more - in 200 simple and accessible essays. From the 100 Years War to the Gulf Wars, and from the wisdom of Aristotle to the Civil Rights movement, this book distils the major events in human history into easily digestible chunks. Each essay is accompanied by an image - or a clear diagram to illustrate complex ideas - and will plug the gaps in your knowledge of the most important eras, movements and events in the history of humankind. World History in Minutes is the perfect introduction to this expansive subject. Contents include: Neanderthals, Babylonians,Attilla the Hun, Abyssinian Empire, Magna Carta, Black Death, Inca, Henry VIII Reformation, Ulster Plantations, Rousseau and the Enlightenment, Declaration of Independence, French Revolution, Tonga Civil War, Universal Suffrage, Spanish Influenza, Great Depression, Pearl Harbour, The Space Age, Civil Rights, Environmentalism, Oligarchs and Tiger Economies.